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Easily upload your client list

Directly on our site you can import your client list in csv format.  Weather you have that exported from your companies CRM system or create one manually, you can import all the addresses quickly and easily by following these simple steps.

  1. Obtain or create an excel file in csv format
  2. Format each column for optimal importing with proper column names
  3. Create an account on MAE Fine Foods
  4. Navigate to "My Account" and then "Address List"
  5. Click on "Create a List", this will prompt you for a List Name, make a name that you can easily identify to like "Top 20 Customers" or "Employee West Coast Office" and click Save.
  6. Your newly created list name will appear below, click on Import.  This will take you to the Address Import Page.
    1. Here you can click Upload File and Continue or download a sample excel file for reference
    2. Navigate to your file on your computer and click Continue, this will take you to the Match Address Data page
  7. This will be the most important step in the process and depending on the source file, if you have a lot of miss-matched fields you may want to rework you source file and import over again. Make sure your zip code field is formatted as Zip Code 
  8. Click continue and your list will upload.  We highly reccomend including a destination email address for this is a delicate perishable gift that needs attention upon receipt. (2 emails will go to your recipient only. "a perishable gift in on its way to you with the tracking number" and later "a perishable gift has just been delivered"

Now you are ready to place an order.  Order just 1 gift per list and we will assign that one gift to everyone on that list.  Make as many lists as you like and assign different gifts to different lists in the checkout process. 

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